Race Day info and Bus Schedule 

Buses will pick up at the Wynn at 7:30am

Please be at the Wynn hotel by 7:30am to load the buses. Packets and T-shirts will be at the start. We will pickup at the Tour Lobby South Entrance. There will be signs inside the hotel to the South Gate and you can ask anyone at the hotel where tours pickup. (There will not be specific signs for the race, only the Tour pickup/South Gate) We would like to leave the Wynn by 7:45am and the trip will take a little less than one hour (See Google Maps here) The start of the race will be 9am depending on bus arrival time. Most runners should be finished by 10am and we will have some time to tour the dam. First bus should leave by 10:30 am with the last bus leaving at 11am. The latest you should get back to the Wynn will be 12 Noon. 

The attached map is where we will park and unload buses as well as where the start of the race is. If you are driving a car you can come to the TOP of the parking structure. If you are riding a bus it will drop you off at ground level and you will want to make your way to the top level of the parking ramp. We will have a tent with refreshments and snacks. If you have ANY questions please call Brent 952-545-2020 or Susan 612-839-2626

Bus pickup after the run

We will be loading buses after the run in the following way:

Bus #1 will be loaded by 10:30 and will leave as soon as we have 35 poeple on the bus (As early as we can fill the bus we will leave)

Bus #2 will be loaded by 10:45 and will leave as soon as we have 35 people (Or at least with 35 seats left on the last bus)

Bus #3 will need to leave no later than 11:15 to get everyone back to the Wynn by 12 noon

Susan will have a van that will stay until 11:45. If you are not back by then then you should click on this link and hope they can bring you back.

We will be marking people off our list so please make sure you tell someone if you are leaving early! 

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