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Want to get on the Magento Cloud, but need it done quickly?
Join the Magento Cloud Rapid Deployment Packages program by Wagento!
All 3 of our package options come with feature-packed modules, a custom theme,
and a four-week launch timeline. Inquire today to get your project started!



Unbeatable Rates: 

Let's face it—times are challenging right now for everyone! We understand that, which is why we are offering a limited time special rate! With a 2 hours for the price of 1 on Wagento's implementation, there's no better time to build a better webstore. Our hope is to provide our customers with the solutions they need while allowing them to establish momentum in a future economy sown in uncertainty. 

Perfect timing:

Have you been putting your website's needs on the back-burner? There's no better time than now to funnel your efforts into your revitalizing your online presence with a fresh new platform that will continue to propel your business goals! Use the time and resources you were previously pouring into other avenues to get ahead in the eCommerce game.

Access to free performance review:

So you know your website needs a change, but you're not sure if you want to commit to Cloud? Take the time to discover what works for you! Wagento will be offering FREE performance reviews! See how your site is actually doing, and then let us help you get it up to speed!

importance of ecommerce:

Think about it. There's been no other time in history where the internet—specifically eCommerce—has risen to such uncontested importance. People are relying on their computers and mobile devices more than ever for communication, consumerism, and information. All things considered, if there were ever a time to prioritize eCommerce, it's now. 

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Is your business looking for FAST and EFFECTIVE growth on a budget? If you're in need of a new website to start generating revenue but don't need all the bells and whistles, then our Starter package is for you! 

$20 to 35K 

If your business has a solid eCommerce foundation but is ready to take the next step to grow and improve, then the Express package might be for you! This package is ideal for merchants whose client base spans a wide variety of B2B and B2C segments and industries. 

$35 to 80K

Our Accelerator package is best for businesses looking for a "Best in Class" bundle. This package is specifically tailored to suit your company needs and packed with industry-favored extensions.

$75K and up

Scope Controlled and Time Bound

Industry Favored Extensions



Magento B2B Module


Limited Extensions



Integrated Checkout, Payment, Shipping

Mobile Optimized Shopping

Global Selling

Catalog Management

Extended Functionality Via App Marketplace

Instant Purchase

Site Search

Business Intelligence Dashboards

Advanced Marketing Tools

Content Staging and Preview

Customer Loyalty Tools

WYSIWYG Page Builder

Visual Merchandising

Optimized Cloud Commerce

Global Availability

Cloud Availability SLA up to 99.99%

Fast Page loading with CDN

Performance Monitoring Tools

Enhanced Security with Fastly WAF and DDoS Services

PCI Compliant

Easy Deployment

Streamlined Updates and Testing

Account Manager

Technical Support

Adobe Sensei


Multi-Source Inventory



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