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Two days, 100% fun.

(And BBQ)

Experience Magento first hand in Austin, Texas. We are bringing in all aspects of Magento and Adobe together with merchants, agencies, users and developers. Workshops, Magento certifications, and sessions around B2B, OMS, PWA, UX/UI, and more!

What we'll be expecting from your talk:

  • Presentation must Inspire
    You should inspire the audience and provide each member with actionable insights
  • Presentation Language English
    Your talk should be in English
  • icon-speech@2x
    Your talk doesn't have to be about Magento!
  • Don't Promote Your Business
    Talks shouldn't be used to advertise your business, service, or product
  • Code of Conduct
    Speakers must comply with our code of conduct

Submit your paper today!

Deadline for submissions is August 2nd, 2019