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      How to Start Using AI to Improve Your Online Store

      November 23, 2020 | Posted in Customer Service | By Gaurav Belani

      AI-powered tools and mediums can support your business like nothing else can. Read to learn different ways you can use AI to grow your online store.

      Today, more than 90% of leading businesses have ongoing investments in Artificial Intelligence (AI). That speaks a lot about how AI has been nothing less than revolutionary in the online world.

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      Client Success Stories: Ingebretsen's Marketplace Migrates to Magento 2 in Time for 100th Anniversary

      November 22, 2020 | Posted in Magento | By Nikki Lanzer

      With a successful Magento 2 migration under their belt and a 100th anniversary just around the corner, Ingebretsen's Marketplace has reason to be joyful.

      The muffled sound of a bell cling-clings outside as a streetcar putters up East Lake Street. A young butcher peers from his shop window at the tram, where it deposits passengers bundled in hats and long coats before continuing its journey towards the Mississippi. The soft December snowfall frosts the street like a tasty Christmas kransekake, and suddenly the young man is overcome with nostalgia for his home country and memories of holiday celebrations with his family. The familiar smell of lye-bathed whitefish circulates the room, further reminding him of meals shared in his native land. A customer strides in, and the butcher quickly snaps out of his trance. Wrapping up the patron’s order, the young man’s wistful mood evaporates, and he’s suddenly filled with pride as he reels his thoughts back to his new shop and the stunning “Model Market” freshly painted on the storefront in a bold, upper-case font. In that moment, Charles Ingebretsen recognized just how much he had to be thankful for: his new shop, his Scandinavian community, his favorite time of year in full swing, and—of course—his newborn boy at home, Charles “Hoot,” Jr.

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      La Revolución Mexicana y Las Adelitas

      November 20, 2020 | Posted in Wagento Latam | By Juan Pablo Guzmán

      The Revolución Mexicana began on Nov. 20, 1910. The women who participated actively in the war were called las adelitas.

      On November 20, 1910, the armed conflict in Mexico known as "La Revolución Mexicana" (the Mexican Revolution) began.

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      Protect Your eCommerce Store with Magento Security Scan

      November 20, 2020 | Posted in Magento | By Wagento Marketing

      Magento 2.4.1 was released with a variety of tools and features, including this major highlight: the Magento Security Scan Tool.

      Cybersecurity is critical for any online store, but this year it seems especially important to do everything you can to protect your data and your customers’ privacy. Cybercrime has increased by 650% in 2020 alone, and 43% of sites targeted by malicious hackers are small businesses. Since more Americans than ever are expected to shop online this holiday season due to Covid-19, it will pay off to reassure customers that their information will remain secure and confidential.
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      New Features and Updates for Magento Commerce

      November 19, 2020 | Posted in Magento Upgrades | By Brent W Peterson

      This upgrade is specifically designed to help retailers make the most out of the upcoming holiday season.

      On October 15, the latest version of Magento Commerce (2.4.1) became generally available to all users. This upgrade is specifically designed to help retailers make the most out of the upcoming holiday season. With a particularly high number of consumers planning to shop online over the next few months, Magento 2.4.1 is armed with upgraded security features, enhanced merchant tools, improved self-service options, and other exciting features. Some of the key highlights of the Magento upgrade include:

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      Make Way for PWAs!

      November 17, 2020 | Posted in Customer Experience | By Brent W Peterson

      In 2020, people expect their favorite stores to be accessible and easy to navigate no matter what type of device they’re using.

      Developing excellent mobile shopping experiences for your customers isn’t simply recommended by eCommerce experts anymore. In 2020, people expect their favorite stores to be accessible and easy to navigate no matter what type of device they’re using. Brands that don’t update their stores to meet the digital needs of consumers will likely be left behind as technologies continue to mature.

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      How referral marketing improve your reach to the new customers

      November 13, 2020 | Posted in Magento Updates | By Aamir

      Referral marketing is a great tool that empowers consumers to become your company's advocates by endorsing your brand to their friends and colleagues.

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